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Why the shoulder is so prone to overuse injuries

The shoulder is one of the most complex and largest joints within the body. Therefore, it’s unsurprising it’s prone to a lot of different injuries. One of the most common causes of these injuries is overuse. Here, we’ll discuss why the shoulder is prone to overuse injuries and the most common types of injuries it […]

How useful is stem cell therapy for treating shoulder injuries?

Shoulder injuries, particularly to the rotator cuff, can be very painful, debilitating and also slow to heal as many professional athletes can attest. Speeding up shoulder injury healing has been the focus of much research and one particular type of treatment that has received a lot of attention in recent years is the application of […]

Shoulder fracture treatment: surgery vs sling 

Shoulder fractures can be particularly painful, limiting movement within the arm. Depending upon the severity of the fracture, surgery tends to be the most common shoulder fracture treatment option. However, could wearing a sling be just as effective? Here, we’ll look at surgery for shoulder fractures versus wearing a sling.  Study reveals slings just as effective […]

Play on and prevent cricketing shoulder injury 

As an eventful and often nail-biting summer of cricket comes to a close with England securing a 2-2 draw in the Ashes yesterday, the London Shoulder Specialists explains why the shoulder is so susceptible to being injured in cricket. Like any sport, cricket poses numerous injury risks. One of the most common is overuse and injury to the tendons […]

Tendon repair more effective than physiotherapy for rotator cuff tears

A new, large-scale study has revealed that shoulder tendon repair surgery is more effective in the long-term than physiotherapy for rotator cuff tears. Although surgery is often used as a last resort, this study clearly highlights its benefits for long-term success. Here, we’ll look at the results of this latest study and the surgical repair […]

Why is calcific tendonitis so painful?

Like the majority of shoulder-related injuries and conditions, one of the main symptoms of calcific tendonitis is severe pain. Occurring when calcium builds up around the muscle or tendon, the condition can be excruciating to deal with. Now, new research has potentially highlighted the cause of pain in calcific tendonitis. The researchers are hopeful the […]

Could a pregnancy hormone melt away frozen shoulder?

A new study has suggested that a hormone which is commonly created during pregnancy, could be the key to treating frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder is a very common condition. It affects over nine million people in the US and one million people in the UK. Causing severe, sudden shoulder pain and a feeling that the […]

Mountain bikers most susceptible to shoulder sport injuries

The largest medical study into mountain biking has revealed bikers are most susceptible to shoulder and collarbone injuries. Carried out by researchers from the Edinburgh Napier University and funded by the Enduro World Series, the three-year study was carried out to determine rider health and injuries. Here, we’ll look at how the study was carried […]

Shoulder tendonitis or shoulder tendinosis?

If you’ve been suffering from a burning, painful sensation in the shoulder, it could be down to a number of conditions. As the shoulder is one of the largest and most mobile joints in the body, it’s prone to injury and may generate the same types of symptoms. Two of the most confusing causes of […]

Why is the shoulder so prone to wear and tear injury?

The shoulder joint is one of the most complex and most used joints of the body. Unfortunately, this means it is prone to a lot of different injuries. In order to understand why the shoulder is so prone to injury and wear and tear, it’s important to understand its structure. Here, you’ll discover more about […]