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Higher risk of complications after shoulder replacement surgery in diabetes patients

New research suggests that patients with diabetes who undergo shoulder replacement surgery may have an increased risk of complications. Results of the study, published within the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, revealed there was a particularly high risk of deep infection and postoperative wound complications. This is the first time that diabetes […]

Wimbledon Special: avoiding tennis shoulder injuries

The countdown to Wimbledon 2018 is on and tennis stars from across the world are ramping up their training for one of tennis’ most glittering prizes. However, with vigorous training comes an increased risk of injury – especially to the shoulders. Tennis players are at risk of numerous types of injuries, but shoulder injuries are […]

New study into a personalised approach to dealing with shoulder pain

A new UK study is set to establish whether a personalised approach to dealing with shoulder pain could be an ideal solution for patients. It is estimated one in five adults within the UK suffer from shoulder pain. However, despite seeking treatment from their GP, 40% of patients continue to experience long-term shoulder pain. Scientists […]

The Happiness Factor: living with chronic shoulder pain

A new study published within The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 2017, has revealed the effect shoulder arthroplasty has on a patient’s happiness. A team from Harvard, led by Dr Jon J.P Warner, carried out the research to see just how much of a difference shoulder surgery can make to a patient’s quality of […]

Non-surgical approach recommended for shoulder instability in young athletes

  According to recent research, young athletes suffering from shoulder instability would most benefit from a non-surgical approach. It also revealed a Non-Operative Instability Severity Score tool (NSIS), would help to identify patients at a higher risk, who could require other treatment options. The research, conducted at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic of Carolinas, was presented […]

Golf and the shoulder: how to prevent injury

Golf is often assumed to be a gentle, relaxing sport. However, as professional golfers know only too well, the risk of injury can be pretty high. It is estimated that 62% of amateur golfers suffer a severe injury which impacts their ability to play. In particular, shoulder related injuries in the sport are common. Even […]