Mr Ali Narvani on irreparable rotator cuff tears

London Shoulder Specialist Mr Ali Narvani’s article on irreparable rotator cuff tears

An article on Superior Capsule Reconstruction was recently published in The Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery by London Shoulder Specialist Mr Ali Narvani. Alongside colleagues based at Rowley Bristow Unit, Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Trust, Chertsey, Mr Narvani’s article focused on the management of irreparable rotator cuff tears, a shoulder condition that remains challenging.

Superior Capsule Reconstruction (SCR) was first introduced in 2012 by Dr Teruhisa Mihata, a Japanese orthopaedic surgeon, and since then has grown in popularity as an option to treat severe irreparable rotator cuff tears.

Mr Narvani and colleagues reviewed the available literature on the procedure and their conclusion was that short-term clinical results show it is a promising treatment option but further long-term trials, which compare SCR to other treatment options are required. Clarification on the importance of the choice of graft type and thickness is also needed.